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Carpets in Burnaby Supplying Greater Vancouver BC

Carpet is a floor covering woven or felted from natural or man-made fibers. Fitted carpet is attached to the floor structure, extends wall-to-wall, and cannot be moved from place to place. An underlay can extend carpet life and improve comfort.

Top Reasons For Choosing Carpeting
Carpeting is the floor covering of choice for the majority of consumers in North America, and for good reason. It is long lasting, easy to care for, provides comfort and safety in the home, is a great value, and much more.

A Natural Insulator

Carpeting helps insulate in two ways. It insulates against cold, which reduces heating costs and adds warmth and comfort to the home. It also insulates noise, as it absorbs sounds, muffles background noises, and provides peace and quiet.

Safe and Comfortable

Carpeting provides much more comfort than other flooring types. It is soft on your feet, prevents slips, softens falls, and prevents glass or other breakable objects from shattering when dropped. Carpeting is ideal in homes that contain infants, children or seniors and provides comfort and peace of mind.

Durable and Low-Maintenance

Carpeting is durable and very easy to care for – unlike hardwood flooring it cannot be scratched or dented. Today’s carpets are manufactured with built-in stain, soil and wear resistance.

Improved Air Quality

Carpeting, as concluded by EPA scientists, traps and immobilizes allergy-causing particles, dust, and dirt. As long as your carpeting is properly and regularly cleaned and maintained, these particles will not re-enter the air inside your home.

Adds Personality to Your Home

Carpeting provides unlimited decorating possibilities as it comes in a huge variety of textures, colours, and styles that greatly outnumber any other flooring type.

Great Value

Carpet is a great investment and is often the least costly flooring option. It comes in a variety of price ranges that are suited to your budget.

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Broadloom Wall to Wall Carpet

Textured Plush

Textured plush is an excellent choice for busy households and is extremely versatile. It is great in almost any room and a good choice if you are looking to cover all or most of the home in one type of carpet. It is a highly versatile cut-pile carpet with a textured surface that helps to hide vacuum marks and footprints.


Saxony or smooth is a beautiful option for dining rooms or living rooms and is great for traditional interiors. It is a refined cut-pile carpet that has a very soft, smooth, elegant and sophisticated finish.

Berber Loop-Pile

Levelled loop: Berber loop-pile has a more rugged look, with a wool-like, handcrafted, very natural appearance. It creates a warm atmosphere that is great for a variety of decorating styles from cotemporary to cottage to country. It also hides footprints and vacuum marks well due to its tight loop texture.

Pattern Loop

Almost same as the level loop, but with two or three heights which gives a wide range of textures and patterns.


Cut/loop carpeting is excellent for high traffic areas, kids rooms, and casual rooms as its multicolour effect hides stains and dirt, and it looks great between vacuuming. It can accentuate any room with its carved definition due to its cut-and-loop pile and its variety of both soft and bold colour combinations.

Twist and Shag

Yarns create a comfortable, soft and nice casual appearance. Twist or frieze yarns are long and soft. Shag yarns are longer than the frieze.

Prints Carpet

Carpet features a printed design on it to give it a more dramatic and stylish look.

Commercial Loop

Commercial loop is great for high traffic areas or any other location requiring more durable carpeting. It is a very versatile carpet as it comes in many styles and colours that make it suitable for the home or for the workplace. Its durable surface pile is longwearing, and its textured surface adds visual interest.

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Modular Carpet Tiles
Modular Carpet Tile Modular carpet tiles are square pieces of carpet usually cut to 24 square inches that can be configured to personalize any space, big or small. This is a great alternative to traditional wall-to-wall carpeting as the carpet pieces can be set up in any configuration to create unique patterns.

Tiles are an excellent option for business spaces or for building managers and landlords of residential properties because they are very durable, and if the carpet sustains any damage, such as a stain or tear, the damaged tiles can simply be replaced without the need to replace the entire room’s carpeting.

Modular carpet tiles are a very economical solution as it is inexpensive to install and damaged tiles can be easily and inexpensively replaced. It is also much easier to transport and install, because the small size of the tiles allow for easy delivery and make it much easier to get through tight doorways, hallways, or in to tight spaces such as closets.


Maintenance of modular carpet tiles is easy. Everyday dirt and dust can be vacuumed just like a regular carpet. Spills and stains may be dealt with either by treating the area like you would with regular wall-to-wall carpeting, or you have the option of removing the tile of carpet to treat the spill. If the tile is removed for cleaning, it may be spot-treated with a mild detergent and a sponge or soft brush may be used to remove the stain. The tile should air dry before being returned. In case the stain cannot be removed, it is a good idea to keep extra tiles in storage so it may be replaced.

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Wool Carpet
Wool CarpetNature's Carpet consists of a variety of different qualities so that you can have an eco-friendly, sustainable home without sacrificing style.

Nature's Carpet is made of 100% New Zealand Wool, a rapidly renewable resource. The backing is made of jute, a natural fibre, held in place with natural rubber latex. The result is an ultra-low toxicity floor covering which actually improves indoor air quality for your health and comfort.

This beautiful and durable product comes in several styles that will suit your needs. It meets and even exceeds the high standards demanded by both the environmental movement and by individuals with high sensitivity to chemical toxins.

Benefits of Wool Carpet

Nature's Carpet is a fine carpet made entirely from wool, a rapidly renewable resource. Nature’s Carpet offers you a great comfort in an attractive range of 100% natural, ultra-low toxicity floor coverings.
  • 100% Wool
  • All Natural
  • CRI Green Label Plus Approved
  • Soft & Comfortable
  • Biodegradable
  • Rapidly Renewable Resource
  • Filters allergens and dust
  • LEED Compliant
  • No Insect Resist agents
  • Ultra-Low toxicity
  • Durable and Long lasting
  • Excellent sound absorption and insulation

WOOL IS ...Anti-Allergenic

Allergies are on the rise around the world. Exposure to synthetic materials is felt to be a possible contributor. Wool fibers are too long and too course to be inhaled and, being a natural fiber, won’t give off harmful emissions. Wool has a breathable fiber structure that does not promote the growth of bacteria or dust mites.

Easy to Clean

Wool is a naturally soil and stain resistant fiber. Wool fibers have developed these properties over centuries to keep sheep clean in their harsh rugged environments. On the floor, wool carpets repel stains and soiling, keeping them on top of the pile for ease of cleaning.

Environmentally Friendly

Wool is sustainable, biodegradable and a rapidly renewable resource that has the least environmental impact of all the carpet fibers. Wool is the only carpet fiber made without petroleum; a finite and non- biodegradable resource. Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with the environment and often choose products that have minimal impact.

A Natural Fiber

Consumer preference for natural products can be seen in all areas of retail. Whether they eat, wear, sit, or walk on it, consumers prefer stylish, quality natural products and will look to them first when considering a purchase. When it comes to carpet, wool has its advantages that synthetics can’t match. Wool is the natural fiber for carpets and sets the bar for others.


Nothing compares to the pleasure of soft wool carpet under your foot. Today’s focus on the home environment means your customers are spending more time relaxing and entertaining in their homes. The continuing move towards an informal lifestyle means that feet are often bare and carpeted floor is for sitting and lying on to watch the big screen TV or read the paper.


The natural crimp of wool allows it to spring back quickly after compression and retain its original shape. The crucial performance characteristic ensures woolen carpets look good for longer, even in high traffic areas. Museums are filled with fine examples of wool rugs dating back to hundreds of years.


The natural crimp of wool also creates millions of tiny pockets that trap air and act as the ideal insulator. The trapped air helps maintain a constant temperature in both hot and cold weather in a way that no synthetic fiber has ever done. This phenomenal trait allows sheep to live in environments ranging from freezing mountainous areas to arid desert plains.


Those same millions of air pockets make wool a great insulator; look around next time your are in a concert hall and you will often see it used on floors, walls and seats to create the best acoustics. In the home, wool carpet minimizes sound transmissions between floors and rooms.


Wool’s fiber structure and natural tendency to absorb moisture form the environment mean that it is one of the hardest fibers to ignite and the easiest to extinguish. Drop a burning cigarette on wool carpet and the charred tips of the fiber can be simply brushed away, leaving perhaps a slight scorch mark rather than melting.

Anti Static

Wools ability to absorb moisture prevents the build up of static electricity. This is an important comfort characteristic in the home and practical one in the offices containing computer and electrical equipment.

How We Make It

Nature’s Carpet manufacturing base is located in Australia, in Dandenong, and has its own spinning mills nearby. The incorporation of the two spinning mills in 1992 and 2003 transformed the company into a vertically integrated manufacturer with the flexibility to produce pure wool yarns of very high quality. Thus our environmental commitment is carried out at every stage of the production, from manufacture to installation. A focus on product development ensures innovative carpet styling and coloring that meets current trends in the marketplace.

Our mills have attained ISO9001-2000 Quality Accreditation (constant quality control) and are committed to an ongoing high standard for both products and customer service. Continual investment in modern equipment ensures that product quality remains first-class and that our mills retain their reputation for excellence.

How Should I Maintain Nature's Carpet?

New Zealand Wool has a natural, inbuilt resistance to soilage, and naturally repels water-borne stains, providing the spilled liquid is removed promptly at the time it occurs.

Vacuum regularly at least once a week and more often in heavy traffic areas. NEVER rub, brush or massage the carpet pile when it is wet.

Loop pile carpets should be vacuumed only with a suction head, and not with beater bars, except to remove surface build-up of wool pills, should they occur.

Cut pile carpet should be vacuumed with beater bars, as they will revitalize the carpet and reduce felting.

There are two types of dirt that a carpet is subjected to. Soiling and staining.

  • Soiling, more often than not, occurs as the result of particles of dirt being walked into the carpet from some external source. Clearly, prevention is better than cure, and effective doormats should be considered as a barrier to soiling.
  • Staining results from the chemical bonding of a pigment with the wool fibre. Once this bonding has taken place removal can be extremely difficult without causing some damage to the carpet pile, therefore prompt action to spills is desirable.

No other surface in a home or office is subjected to the daily harsh treatment that a floor covering is required to withstand. It is thus essential to follow a suitable and regular maintenance programme in order to remove soil and dirt from your carpet, for both appearance and hygiene reasons as well as to maximise the lifespan of your carpet. "Vacuum regularly - Never rub, brush or massage the carpet pile when it is wet"

For full cleaning, insist that a hot water extraction method is employed, to minimize chemical contact.

Spot cleaning instructions are available on request.

Again, the proceeding information is generic and presented only as a guide. Any damage resulting from failure to follow recommendations will not be covered under warranty.

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Custom Carpet, Mats & Services
Custom carpeting can be designed to suit any area, whether commercial or residential, and can bring a beautiful personal touch to your interior.

Once you have selected a carpet from our showroom, you may choose to install it as a wall-to-wall carpet, or make it in to a tailored area rug or runner. If you have selected wall-to-wall carpeting, you may add shapes, colours, patterns, edges, and carvings to customize your choice. If you select an area rug or runner, you may finish the edges by selecting one of our many binding options.

When you order your carpet, you may order it with or without felt or rubber backing. We also sell non-skid underlay. To further customize your rug or entrance mat, you may add your corporate logo or an image or message.

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How to Clean Carpets
Over time, your carpet will pick up stains, dirt and dust that may need to be removed. Cleaning will be required more or less often depending on how much use the carpeting gets. There are a few different options for cleaning your carpeting, including dry absorbent powder, foam, shampooing, or hot water extraction (also known as steam cleaning or extraction).

Before you clean your carpet using any of the previously mentioned methods, it should be vacuumed thoroughly. No matter which method you select, you should follow some general precautions to ensure your carpet is not damaged in the cleaning process.

Pre-testing is recommended, and be sure to follow the cleaner and equipment instructions as directed. The carpet should not be over-wetted as excess moisture can cause shrinkage, streaks, or mildew. Placing aluminum foil, wax paper, or plastic wrap under furniture legs until the carpet is dry will protect it from rust stains.

Hot water extraction: also known as steam cleaning, hot water extraction uses hot water and a detergent solution which is sprayed onto the carpet under pressure in order to flush out dirt and soil. The vacuum immediately extracts the solution. This method is excellent for moderately or heavily soiled carpet. Drying time is less than shampooing, however, there is possibility of over-wetting and equipment tends to be heavy and bulky.

Again, the proceeding information is generic and presented only as a guide. Any damage resulting from failure to follow recommendations will not be covered under warranty.

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