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Cork Flooring
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Cork Flooring in Burnaby Supplying Greater Vancouver BC

Cork flooring has numerous benefits, such as comfort, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability, and is a unique alternative to conventional flooring types.

It is environmentally friendly because it is all-natural and harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree, whose bark regenerates itself after being harvested. The bark can be harvested every nine years, and harvesting the bark doesn’t affect the tree in any way. Cork oak trees are a highly renewable source and this makes cork flooring ideal for green construction projects.

Cork Flooring Complete Overview
Cork Floor Aside from the rich texture, numerous patterns, and beautiful colours, cork flooring is appreciated for its soft give under foot, resistance to dents, and its thermal & acoustical insulative qualities.


Cork is made up of millions of air pockets - in fact 200 million air pockets per square inch – and is 60% air. This unique structure makes it resistant to dents and moisture, and it is quite soft under foot. It also has excellent thermal and acoustical insulation abilities.


The unique structure of cork is highly resilient because, instead of the air pockets being broken down under pressure, they are simply compressed if pressure occurs and spring back once this pressure is removed. This is great news because it means that if a dent occurs in your cork flooring it will disappear over a short period of time (unlike hardwood flooring in which dents are permanent).

Thermal Insulation

The unique construction of cork allows it to be one of the most efficient non-conductors of heat and cold. Furthermore, it is warmer to the touch than stone, ceramic, vinyl or hardwood floors.

Acoustical Insulation

Cork, due to its millions of air cells, absorbs vibrations, making it great for music rooms, entertainment rooms, and even recording studios. Cork is not just for the floor either; it may be installed on walls and the ceiling and will act as a great noise insulator. Cork contains a natural waxy substance called Suberin which repels bugs, mold, mites and termites. It is a great, warm alternative to colder stone and hardwood flooring options, especially for people with allergies.

Resistance to Liquid and Moisture Penetration

The main component of cork is Suberin which prevents water from penetrating the cork. Cork flooring may be coated with a premium water-based finish to make its surface even more resistant to water and stains.

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Installation of Cork Flooring
There are two ways of installing cork flooring. The first method is called "floating", where cork floor planks are floated over a flat, smooth sub-floor. This is also how laminate flooring is installed. Usually the planks are cut so they may snap together without any need for glue.

The second method of installation of cork flooring is to glue them down, by cutting them to size and then setting them in to a cork adhesive.

Again, the proceeding information is generic and presented only as a guide. Any damage resulting from failure to follow recommendations will not be covered under warranty.

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Maintenance of Cork Flooring
A well-maintained cork floor will last a long time, often decades. Cork Floor Polish or another topcoat finish may be required depending on how much foot traffic the floor receives. For residential locations, refinishing is usually required every few years for high-traffic areas.

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